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Plan your Course

Plan your course choose a topic and plan your lectures in Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, or your favourite notebook.

How we will help?

We offer free courses on how to build your own course, complete with worksheets and real-world examples

Record your Video

Got a smartphone or a DSLR? Add a microphone and you’re ready to film or write a blog in Word Document and email us.

How we will help?

We provide a support team which is available 24*7 to help and offers a free review of your videos and blogs

Build Community

Create quizzes, exercises, and assignments to build interactivity. Write welcome messages for your students and answer their questions.

How we will help?

We provide all the tools for messaging, Q&As, course announcements, and quizzes, all in one place.

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Join our community take advantage of our existing community to help you in the creation of the tutorial and blogs.